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Faqs: As long as comments and conversations take place, this list of Faqs can only grow.  Using the contacts forms, leave us your questions or comment.  And tell us if you want us to repsond, otherwise we will take your comments and thank you for your imput. 

Up and until then, we will keep growing this FAQ thread.

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Q: What books do you consider for converstation?

A: We look for Texas literature and historic titles. We must be able to acquire the publishing rights or at least the rights to reprint, or the copyright.

Lectures and Speakers

Q: Can you provide a speaker for our organization's event?

A: Yes! That's such a great question.

We have speakers and experts available for all topics on publishing and some on the specific titles that we are working with.

Book Store

Q: Where can I buy one of these fantastic historic Texas titles?

A: Wow! Two really great questions in a row. The great news is that we offer these historic Texas books for sale on this web site, through the shopping cart provided by John M. Hardy Publishing, and also on Amazon.

Book Share

Q: How does Book Share support American's with Disabilities?

A: Book Share is a fantastic program that the Texas Book Publishers Association proudly supports. Book Share takes our titles and converts them for people with disabilities. Learn more about this program through their web site, www.bookshare.org.

Publishing Services

Q: Can you publish my book?

A: Yes, we can publish or help publish your book if it is a notable or consequential Texas book. You can submit your project through our contact form, leave your email and phone number.

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