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That’s When The Fight Started

These are actual quotes from real book buyers and brokers:

1) “Texas Literature, I didn’t know Texians could read let alone write.”
2) “If the country ever needs another book about Texas, then we’ll know who to call first.”

The growing problem is the shrinking Texas publishing industry, and with it goes Texas literature, Texas history and legacy. Texas heritage was being eroded away through loss of market, access, and availability.
This is my solution, The Texas Book Publishers Association, www.texasbookpubishers.org, to acquire lost manuscripts and out of print books, as well as their respective printing, distribution and publishing right and reconstitute the title in a digital format for POD, Print-On-Demand, and electronic editions and distribution worldwide and for future generations.
We are not the sole purveyors of great Texas literature, but this is a big state and there is room enough for more than a few people passionate enough to dedicated themselves to preserving a legacy.
To keep the lights on and the mission funded, we sell the books.  Not just any books, these are Texas historical and seminal works. Some are original first editions and first prints like the First Edition of the The Texas Almanac (1857-1873) or Ed Syers Off the Beaten Trail.
We promote Texas literature through lectures, social media campaigns, and static displays. And we help other publishers do the same.
Browse around, drop us a line, submit a book or suggest a project. If there is anything we can do to help you and your own publishing projects, just let us know.

Warmest Regards
Dino Price
Exec. Dir

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